The rumors are ....

Lori Gunn

Ever Wood is a competitive show barn with a friendly, family style environment. My daughter has boarded her horse (her baby) there for 2 years since her return from college back east. Ginny and Stephan's passion for providing a welcoming, professional and beautifully run facility is obvious as soon as you step foot on the grounds. They go above and beyond what you would expect in making sure each horse's and client's individual needs are met. Ginny is a very patient, knowledgeable and detailed instructor. My daughter vetted numerous facilities before deciding on Ever Wood and she has been ecstatic there every day since.

Bianca Simchowitz

Ginny Plancke is the consummate professional. She is first and foremost a Horsewoman and her dedication to the well being of the horses in her care is paramount. She is dedicated to the sport and is top in her field, and this shows in her vast knowledge and her attention to the smallest detail in training. She teaches equitation and jumping from the ground up and makes sure that her students are well versed in the basics before they move on to the next level. As a result they know how to ride well and excel in the ring. I have seen my daughter go from strength to strength under Ginny’s careful and deliberate tutelage. Ginny is more than just a trainer, she is also a mentor, and she imparts many life wisdoms to her students. She sets a high standard and a high bar for her students to reach for and they respect her enormously. They don’t just learn to ride, they learn about horsemanship and being part of a team and and responsibility to themselves and their horse and other people in the barn. Her barn is a collegial and warm place where all ages gather, and it is a nice place to hang out. Everyone is very supportive of each other. And lastly safety takes priority. I highly recommend Everwood stables if you are a beginner, want to ride for leisure or want to compete at the highest levels.

Margot Thomas

Ginny Planke, is a dedicated professional. Her clientele include children, juniors and adults. Her observation to detail is evident in her training lessons, adjusting her instruction to the level of skill and expertise of each rider. Care of the ponies and horses in her barn is excellent. Ginny is concerned for the safety and well being of both horse and rider; she is also expert in paring the two. As testimony to her instruction, many of her students have started out as children and as young adults are still with her. Everwood Stables is well thought of and respected in the show ring should competing be desired.

Michael Skloff

My daughter has trained with them for about 14 years. They are trustworthy, attentive, caring, and extremely knowledgeable about everything equestrian. They instill a deep love and respect for the animal.

Cynthia Biamon

One of the most well run, professional businesses I have ever experienced! Ginny's knowledge and expertise is unparalleled and the care and nurturing of the horses is phenomenal. I can't say enough about my experience being part of the Ever Wood family for over 6 years. No other barn can come close!

Melody Rogers

Everyhing! The kindness and care for both horses and humans. Really extraordinary! The knowledge about the horses and the intuitive knowing of the students and their needs! It is my sanctuary !!!!! I am happy when I am there! My happy place😍

And also ....

Amy Hanes

Happy to be a part of this barn. Beautiful and well kept facility, wonderful clientele and awesome, knowledgable trainer. Everything about this barn is top notch !

Pam Moeck

Confession: I’m an amateur with a green horse. I haven’t jumped my horse since she jumped like a psycho kangaroo whale at a horse show. She unexpectedly scared the heck out of me. I felt brave at the time, but then reality set in. So I’ve avoided situations where Ginny Mealing-Plancke will ask if I want to jump. I’d been pretty successful until today😊. I want to say that Ginny is literally the best trainer I know. I was nervous, I make my horse nervous and Ginny being  calm, focused, forceful but kind settled me. And even though My horse really never relaxed completely we jumped. It was a tiny cross rail but may as well have been a puissance wall. It’s tough being a nervous jumper rider. I never was, so what most people have already conquered, I’m struggling through. I’m thankful For Ginny and everyone at Ever Wood. Unpredictable Thoroughbreds are tricky but worth the time (hopefully 🤣🤣🤣).

Darcy Spicer

Outstanding highly personalized training and lessons. Excellent care of the horses. Trusted experienced trainer and teacher.